GTK Telecom

We provide a complex of communication services to our customers all over the world, delivering quality voice, faxes, quality control of traffic and meet the expectations of our customers!

Who we are

GTK Telecom is a company, organized under the laws of Spain, dedicated to VoIP. It combines all the criterions above, with an aim to extend business gradually and to satisfy the requirements of VoIP Partners. Only well done and splendid services are provided by GTK!

Why us?

Working in the field of transit and termination of voice traffic for more than six years, we have learned how to work not just well, but “AS THE MARKET REQUIRES” and always flexibly and quickly adjust to any changes, we use only effective working tools and get rid of outdated ones without regret.

What profit?

We have more than 150 interconnects with telecom operators around the world, as well as a large terminators interconnected on our GSM gateway platform. Often we can guarantee the best prices and capacities on the AZ voice market routes providers and exclusive direct routes specifically for YOUR traffic!