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OTP-SMS – Take advantage of OTP technology designed with increased security and speed to send instant confirmation messages and two-factor login.

TRANSACTIONAL-SMS – Send transactional text messages to notify, update and inform your customers with a simple, scalable and reliable bulk SMS messaging solution.

2WAY-SMS – Don’t let your communication with customers be one-sided. Our two-way SMS messaging service makes it easy to send and receive text messages and interact with your customers via chat, confirm appointments or bookings, and receive feedback.

EMAIL2-SMS – Send SMS messages to any mobile phone number directly from your mailbox using our Email-2-SMS gateway.

GROUP-SMS – With our scalable and fast group SMS software, it will be easy for you to notify, engage and communicate to large groups of contacts at the same time.


Send notifications, alerts, build conversations and provide support to customers, increase brand awareness with WhatsApp.


Improve your business operations with outbound dialing with:

  • IVR-MESSAGE Send voice messages to users.
  • TEXT-2-SPEACH-MESSAGE Improve your business operations with text-to-speech functionality.
  • FLASH-CALL-SMS Authorize users with an OTP code from a missed call number.

For whom?

Hardware, software and cloud services for two-factor authentication (2FA) based on one-time passwords (OTP).

Reminders, notifications, marketing campaigns, surveys and questionnaires, user support.

Why us?

  • Delivery speed (< 10 seconds)
  • Uptime close to 97% or more
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Global presence
  • Best price guarantee